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Our final observation run for the year started in sunshine and ended in a very typical way for any event that has the dreaded Palfrey connection. More than 30 gleaming Porsches returned home in less than concours condition.

Thanks to Terry for selecting the area and the venue, Sue for helping plan the event and distributing those oh so easy questions and to Mark Goddard for taking more great photos and writing an article for the club magazine.

While you were enjoying the drive and the fresh air I was enjoying the delights of Guangzhou China, I've included one photo taken on a good day, the building you can see!!!! was about 1km. from where I was standing.

*** Sorry, we missed out distributing the Autohaus caps and beanies for the kids who were at this event, I will bring them to the November 10th AGM Club Meeting and also to the Kids Xmas Party. ***


Photos by Mark Goddard.

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