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Photos by Glenn Palfrey, Sue Palfrey, Mark Goddard. More coming soon. More photos by Patrice, Winston and Mark in Concours Gallery 2

How lucky were we, weather radar for Monday!!!!!!


Hi Rob, Could you please pass on my thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in organizing today? It was a truly memorable day. 180 cars. Just amazing. There was a shitload of work done in preparation, and this was evident everywhere . . . the placards for every car and a numbered parking space, the live music, the food and drink, the shade and shelter, shops (can never have too much Porsche crap). . . everything was exemplary. And the venue was perfect. I'm sure the Porsche Club could show other car clubs how it should be done.

Mark Goddard


Wayne, Thank you for giving the Rotary Club of West Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook the opportunity to provide the catering for the day and to support the Porsche Club's charity fundraising efforts.

A great venue and fantastic atmosphere.

FYI there were about 620 cooked meals and 380 coffees served during the day. It was a pleasure working with you and we are looking forward to next year!

Tim Bickford.


Thanks everyone.

The past concourses had been referred to as the Porsche equivalent of Pebble beach in a magazine article. I think we had en event yesterday that easily surpassed those of the past – and one which we can be justifiably proud of. I’ve been to many concours, and even though I didn’t see much yesterday that would have to rate in the top 3 or 4 (behind Pebble Beach, the Porsche Club of America Parade concours and the 50th Anniversary Rally). I reckon we run the best concours in Australia – simple as that.

And if we ever end up doing a National Meeting – we have a wonderful venue for the concours!

To Wayne Collins, Rob, the Palfreys, Raymo, Ron Goodman and many others – my sincere thanks for supporting the vision and putting in so much work. That was just a wonderful day, and the unprompted feedback I’ve been receiving is really heartwarming – it makes all of the effort worthwhile.

Regards, Justin Reed.


Guys, I too just want to add my congratulations to you all for a fantastic event. While walking around yesterday all I heard was exclamations of what a great event it was.

Wayne, a letter to Manly Council maybe in order thanking them for making you organisers angry enough to look for and find a such a better venue than Clontarf. Well done!!!



Good afternoon. I'd very much like to thank the organisers of yesterday's concours. It was a great event and ran (apparently) very smoothly. I certainly had a great time - despite the sunburn....

Are the results going to be posted via the club website or emailed out at some stage shortly? I can't believe how much I want to know how my car scored! [yes they will be on the website soon. Ed.]

This was my first attendance at a club event and I look forward to many more. Regards Greg Collyer.


Hi Rob Away the hub-bub of the day and via e-mail makes it easier to drop a message over to you.

Thank you to you and all the other organising members for the day at Porsche Day at Newington Armoury. What a fantastic event, what a fantastic location. A substantial improvement over the previous location i.e. uncongested toilets, space availability, lack of congestion all round, no parking meters, fantastic vistas, beautiful grounds etc.

Really well done guys.

My partner and I have been looking forward to the day for many months and on the day we were very pleased. We now look forward to next year’s event (hopefully the same location) and can also only hope the word gets out the success of 2010 and even more members enter for the day than as did this year. Thank you once again. Kelly & Neil Cubitt


Hi Rob & Glenn and all other organisors

AWESOME DAY gents. I was genuinely astounded by how big the concours was, the quality and diversity of cars displayed and the efforts that so many people, organisors, sponsors and participants, put into making it such a professional exhibition. This event really did show the depth, size and quality of the membership of PCNSW.... very impressive.

It was also a great opportunity for my family and some of my friends to come and see what its all about. They were all surprised by the scale and quality too. On top of that it was a great opportunity to meet plenty of new people with similar passions.

Please pass on my regards and thanks to the other organisors and the sponsors. I look forward to seeing you on the road again soon.

Regards Graeme Evans


Hi Glenn, What a wonderful Concours! I am sure you must have spent a happy and un-forgetable Sunday! Thank you very much for the photoes! each picture can be a postcard! I show the pictures to my colleagues, and to get one of such car is almost the dream for every man in our office! Thank you for share with us

Best regards, Keven Ho.

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