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While Sydney was baking in 40c plus temperatures a group of PCNSW members were fortunate to spend the weekend at Bathurst for the 12hour race. The event didn't attract a lot of spectators which is a pity, the format of the race produced fantastic racing with the lead changing between the top three cars all day.

On lap 12 the Mosler blew a rear tyre at the start of the braking area for The Chase. The car bounced off the barriers before coming to rest 200 metres down the road after shedding many body panels and the windscreen, which ended up resting on the power cables at the top of a telegraph pole beside the track. Fortunately the driver only received minor injuries.

The final result was not known [except maybe to the Audi team management] until the last 20 minutes. The result was probably not what many had hoped for but at least it was kept in the family.

We each paid $125 for a 3 day entry pass, programme, VIP parking, pit access and our own corporate suite, a real bargain when you consider that the standard three day entry pass and programme alone costs $100. Although the suite was never full it was a good place to escape the heat, rain, cold, flies and wind. It also had a live feed of the TV coverage and another screen with actual class placings.

If you have any photos taken over the weekend please send them to me at, please send in low res. around 640kb. and in a zip file.

Photos so far by Glenn Palfrey, Natelle Palfrey and Rob Miller.

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