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The clubs annual drive to the Phillip Island Historic Races continues to grow in popularity. This time we had 16 cars at the Kiandra rest stop, others decided to drive down the Hume Hwy., which you can see from the photos is not the best option.

This meeting was a tribute to Alfa but as usual the variety of cars on show was amazing. The racing was full on and nothing like the bland offerings from F1 and V8 Super ? Cars.

More photos will be added soon so keep checking the website.

Are we there yet ??? After listening to the commentary for this video clip it's probably not a question that Mark hears very often, click on the link to watch the video.

Phillip Island Day 1 road trip

Congratulations go to Terry Lawlor for his sensational drives in all three races, on winning race 3 and taking out the overall win for the weekend. A few of us were fortunate to watch his final race on Sunday, one of the best I have seen. Three drivers, Terry, Geoff Morgan and Stan Adler swapped the lead over the 12 laps, some heart stopping moments as they ran wide and then a downpour during the middle of the race. Thanks to all three for putting on the race of the weekend.

Photos by Glenn Palfrey, Sue Palfrey and Sanjay Ramadevan

Chris Jenvey's email sums up the trip.

''Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Phillip Island trip.Thanks so much to you and Sue for planning the route and arranging the two great evening gatherings at your place and then at Rays.The motel at Tawonga was great and the breakfasts a real Treat.

You promised ideal Porsche roads and this is certainly what we experienced.I was able to use the 911 the way it was intended and you know I even felt that it was thanking me in a strange way.

The road from Tawonga up to Mt Hotham and down to Omeo was probably the highlight and coming back from Wangaratta along the Great Alpine Road and turning off to Tawonga to do the hairpins the opposite way was also memorable especially at dusk on the Monday night .

A great trip and exciting racing as well.What a great win for our man Terry to come through victorious in a race in which competitors struggled with all four seasons in one lap! It was an absolutely brilliant win and with typical modesty he said to me afterwards that he simply made fewer mistakes than the others.And how.

Thanks again and to think at one stage I was in two minds about going.Roll on next year is what I say.

Best regards


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